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Beautician who scarred pensioner with botched therapy to pay £50,000

Beautician who scarred pensioner with botched therapy to pay £50,000

A beautician has been hit with a £50,000 court bill after she burned a charity worker's face with a laser in a botched bid to remove a wrinkle.

Daily Mail

Eleanor Botwright - who won an MBE for her community work in 2017 - was left burned and scarred by botched laser therapy after beautician Nara Simonyan spotted an unsightly 'line' on her face during a previous consultation.

The 40-minute laser session in April 2016 left her with weeping skin and scarring to the cheeks and around her mouth.

Mrs Botwright, of Hammersmith, west London, sued Ms Simonyan for negligent treatment and was handed a payout of £12,630 by Judge Heather Baucher following a court hearing.

The beautician was also hit with £40,000 court costs.

The total award includes cover for special creams to help combat the effects of the sun on Mrs Botwright's fair complexion, and to 'camouflage' any lingering traces of scar damage.

Central London County Court heard that Mrs Botwright had the treatment after Ms Simonyan spotted the blemish at a clinic in Acton.

The 71-year-old told Central London County Court: 'She drew attention to a line around my mouth and said that she had just the treatment for it'.

She told the judge that she began feeling 'uncomfortable' soon after the treatment kicked off, with the main affected area being above her lip.

Ms Simonyan assured her that any 'redness' from the lasering would disappear within ten days, but soon afterwards her face started to 'weep' and felt 'very tender,' she said.

She said the treatment had left her with scarring and discoloured skin around her mouth.

A specialist doctor who examined her reported that the lasering caused 'a burn which led to permanent depigmentation'.

Following the treatment, Mrs Botwright sued her beautician and this week won a compensation payout at a court hearing in London, which Ms Simonyan did not attend.

The judge hailed Mrs Botwright as a 'charming witness' who had been completely honest about the effects of the botched treatment.

'Mrs Botwright did not seek to exaggerate or emphasise anything inappropriately,' said the judge.

Judge Baucher noted that photos taken soon after the clinic trip highlighted the damage done to Mrs Botwright's face.

But having examined her close-up in court she was clear that the scarring has now largely faded.

'I don't consider these scars are distinctive,' the judge explained, although adding: 'She may say that she can see it but that's probably because it's her face'.

As well as the compensation payout, Ms Simonyan was also ordered to pick up the £40,000 bill for the legal costs of the case.

Irish-born Mrs Botwright worked as a community leader for over 30 years before retiring in 2019, heading Camden's Castlehaven Community Association as well as raising over £17million for local area causes.

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