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Clinical Negligence

Stewart House has a long and successful history in assisting firms with their clinical negligence cases.

All clinical negligence reports are produced by an expert who is nominated based on their specific experience in both clinical negligence and in the field in which the negligence has occurred.

Stewart House prides itself on providing reports are robust and objective. We’re able to cover screening, causation & liability, and condition & prognosis.

Our target is to provide nominations within 48 hours of your request.

Screening reports

We’re increasing seeing solicitors requesting screening reports from us. Screening reports help establish if a case of clinical negligence exists. These reports are vital for assessing the viability of the case. They save time and money in the long term. Screening reports are useful as an aid in obtaining after the event insurance (ATE)



Screening reports can help you to establish whether or not a case of clinical negligence exists. Stewart House can help you by providing expert screening reports.

Personal Injury

When you approach us to prepare your report,  our team will nominate an expert based on their expertise, and the location of your client. This makes sure that you are provided with a clear, accurate and objective report, delivered in a timely manner.

We do not undertake MedCo cases but we are able to provide expert witness reports in higher value personal injury cases.

Many of our customers request their medical experts by name, because of the excellent reports they have produced for them on their previous cases. Many of the medical experts used are recruited to the panel from recommendations made by solicitors.

Our target is to provide nominations within 48 hours of your request.


Stewart House will manage all rehabilitation services your client may need to access as part of their claim. We have a range of experts across the UK, so your client can be offered care close to home. The rehabilitation services we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT)

  • Pain Management

  • Medical Imaging – X-Rays, Scans, Ultrasound

  • Joint Injections

  • Occupational Therapy Assessment

  • Surgery


Stewart House offers quality services that compliment your practice and provide you with qualified recommendations.

We believe that the rehabilitation aspect of your client’s claim is as important as the medico-legal reports we provide.


We have a nationwide panel of medical experts in all areas of medicine. Our panel currently totals over 7000 medical experts including Paediatrics and Dentistry. 

In addition to medical experts, we are also able to provide you with expert witnesses in:

  • Care and Quantum

  • Case Management

  • Initial Needs Assessments

  • Architecture

  • Accommodation

  • Educational Needs

  • Speech Therapy

  • Life Expectancy

  • 999 Call Handling

We have built a bespoke case management system which allows us to provide nominations within 24 hours and we can even provide reports within very short timescales. 

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